Monday, August 22, 2011

Creating our little mint farm.


Our regular farm visits is a inspiration behind this project ,so its time to follow the heart …and create our own farm.To fulfill  green dream of khwaish who turned four recently,we conducted a activity wherein grandpa playing important role.





Well whole idea just started while plucking pudina leaves (mint ) for chutney preparation.We had conversation to plant little mint plants near to our place….so we set with our farming tool in the morning with khwaish  Dadaji.

Things started with digging the ground for plantation,we chose our farm in the rectangle shape as per khwaish’s wish with dadaji’s help.Once the land was ready we started planting little mother mint plant in our garden…while planting the plants Khwaish was really excited to see her little plants to grow faster.







I’m really happy to put little initiative with Khwaish and her grandpa to create little farm land.Looking forward to see our plants growing up.


This Mint project is healthy initiative and learning for Khwaish to learn-

  • Her love for green environment –practical experience to know plantation is done.
  • Knowing the process of farming-plough,seeding,watering,giving fertilization to plants.
  • Making bond with nature stronger.
  • Reap the results of her hard work.
  • Since activity is done with grandpa…stronger bond with him too.
  • Experience to know about planting mint plant…now she know where chutney leaves come from.


In few more days planning to plant some more plants.


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