Sunday, August 7, 2011

View of Country-Independence day special.


This activity is fun plus learning for little kids and knowing different things about country.

We decided to create a View of India as a dedication for Independence Day.

I had an empty packing material of Chocolate box which we have used as mould to get the shape of Indian Flag and Khwaish had done lovely colour to the same.



We used Plaster of Paris as moulding material and oiled the moulds to take out the hard rectangle shape smoothly from moulds.Once we got our lovely rectangle shape,Khwaish did tricolor on the same beautifully, I made little circle in the middle as Ashoka chakra.

On another rectangle made Indian Map on which khwaish painted pink colour according to her wish.

Now keeping all our creations ,we added some of toy(although toys symbolizes something about India).DSCN1719

Well created a view where u can see Indian Flag,India’s Map,National animal tiger,national bird peacock and coin showing national emblem.


So friends how are you celebrating our Independence day?



  1. Creative use of the box, Ashu. And overall - great display of Indian flag and the National Symbols - Tiger and Peacock.

  2. Thanks Rashmie for ur appreciative words

  3. Very impressive for Khwaish to be doing it at this age!! Like her map and other objects to represent India!

  4. Thanks Rose ...i feel proud now khwaish recognise three colour together as INDIA...and independence day activity resulted in learning and fun experience for khwaish.



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