Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tricolor Hanging

Independence Day is coming near, so we planned activity for week to celebrate the zest of occasion.

So to start activity at our end I had interaction session with Khwaish and memories her about out last year Republic day session which she enjoyed thoroughly .She made National flag using green and orange little balls, prepared a chart with full knowledge of national flag, animal, bird symbol, map, tree, e.t.c.Plus we had family fun on the day doing hand printing in tricolor.




Repulic Day celebrations



For kindergarten going kid I thought knowing colour of our flag will be great achievement. Well with the celebration of Republic day event last year Khwaish is well versed with the colours of flag and idea of Indian flag. Whenever she is seeing three colours together she is telling “Mamma sees India “I feel proud of the same.

So this time activity was to one step ahead with interacting about national animal, bird, symbol, and some more fun.

So initially session started with having touch of colour ,so I gave white chart paper to her for colouring the flag and to my expectation she choose right colours from tube of water colours. On choosing the right colour can see the happiness on her face.Open-mouthed smile





Another activity came to our mind …We made small hanging using different shades of India colour (according to Khwaish) using waste CDs and pasting different national theme on each like national animal, bird and symbol.




First we pasted waste chart paper on CDs to bring better colour look on the CDs…Nowadays even pasting work is also taken care by her.She always feel great using colour and brushing.Got some lovely picture pasted them on CDs…inter connected all CDs and made lovely hanging.






This is first set of activity for Independence day although posting it later…more fun to come.




  1. Love the way CD's have been used. Great tips through your blog, Ashu. I can just blindly follow them for Ari.

  2. Thanks Rose for liking the same idea.



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