Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Treasure Hunt-Phonics learning.


Some days back I mentioned on my Facebook page that Khwaish is learning letters sound nowadays (Playing with letter and learning Phonics).To bring more fun element to Phonetics recognition ,we planned treasure hunt involving the same.




So first we cut some colourful paper to prepare clues .On Clue paper front side  I wrote  the letters like B ,then Khwaish and me said Bah Bah and tried some word starting with the letter B  example Banana,ball,bat e.t.c ,On the other side of clue paper drawn the picture of something which starts with B letter . Once Khwaish recognizes the picture right,she is on to hunt for treasure which is the form of colour paper with star on it.






I hide different clues in the room and even in the kitchen according to pictures on clue paper.We did same for A B C and D letters.So once I said START…this running and jumping session on at my place,some pictures are not very clear,so I gave the hint what the picture stands for.




Once she did hunting for all stars,she made treasure hunt clue for me and told me Mama this is cat and find it.And My little innocent baby hide the same clue in front of me telling me ‘’Mamma I m hiding same inside the cupboard.’’






  1. Hey Ashu,

    That's a really interesting technique of yours and a great way to do phonics with children! Children would be thrilled to play this. Loved reading it :)


  2. Thanks Priya for enjoying the blog .I guess early learning can be made fun and play experience.I myself explore ways some from other blogs too and some my own .
    Thanks again.



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