Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Recycling fun-Spinning Cd turns into colourful Top.


We always love to try our hands on crafts using recycle material.Since we were in crafty mood,but with no clear plans in mind about what we can do.So to explore idea ,opened our treasure box(our Jennie box),here we goes with some recycling project.

We got some old CDs and  added waste sketch pen(discarded one) for our project.I was quite excited to prepare something which Khwaish can  enjoyed later.(Overjoyed already)

Started things by tracing circle on chart with the help of CD,later gave it to Khwaish to extract circle from paper(cutting work).She always enjoy cutting work ,so much fun for her,already declared that she wanted to use left out paper after cutting for something else(suspense for me).



Once cutting work is done,glued the CD and pasted round  on CDs and divided circle into different parts.Basically pasting part is done to get best of the colour on paper surface.

Flowers with pencil shreds


Time for the best part which we always enjoy thoroughly,its nothing else but the pleasure of painting,playing with colors.At the end of paint play,CDs converted into beautiful color plate.

Top Making project1


Now Final step to punch sketch pen in the middle hole of CD and make colorful TOP which Khwaish enjoyed very much,struggle to spin in starting.Next also she had great time showing her TOP to her father.



Although it was session supposed to make colorful top, Khwaish  had fun different activity simultaneously.It was converted into three wheels,balancing towers and so on.

Top Making project2 

Which recycle playful idea your kid enjoyed very much?




  1. Hi! really cute. We tried to do a similar project for school, we used the cd with all these coloring but we used marbles for the base and it rotates beautifully. Try it!!

  2. Thanks Manju for liking the work.I will surely try same with marbles too.

  3. This is so cute and fun! We have to make some! lot of CD's to recycle



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