Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Little touch of Princess at home-Making her Crown.


All these days those lovely princess/fairy advertisement making Khwaish tempted to go for one of those Barbie,by the way she wants purple doll this time not pink one(quite surprising).So thought to go for one session she can enjoy and little feel of princess at home.

Ready with craft material,cut the white chart into long stripes…



With the help of glue Khwaish  pasted long colourful stripes(b’day decoration paper) on the corner of white sheet,complimented same with some star sticker available.

Activity-Hat Making


Later I gave her little rectangular shaped cutting which she can paste on her crown and named the same,She enjoyed the same,since lots of letter in her name space was little less,I guess I would have cut little bigger stripe. .Once the crafting part was done,I helped her to make roll of that long stripe and made stapled the same .


Here comes our colorful crown.



Please check one of the Princess feel theme great idea by mommy labs pretend to play princess party.


So how you make your little one wish to be princess true?Share the ideas.



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