Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Giving Life to Sticks-Creating a Wish Tree at home.


My little daughter is very fond of collecting treasures of nature nowadays  whether it is feather,leaves,flowers ,e.t.c.I guess she is feeling close to nature by collecting these gems and later use her imagination to create her own piece of art.



Now this time it is dry sticks which she collected while going off to school, and very specific to me to take it home while hopping in bus.So I brought those sticks with me as per wish of my Khwaish.



So we all set to use these dry sticks,we have in mind to create our artificial tree.First thing we used for same,empty juice bottle, cut down its head to pour sand into same later.During one one of after playing session in the ground in the evening ,collected some sand.

Khwaish was holding all sticks in all direction according to way she wanted her tree,I helped her to pour sand into the bottle same time.



Once our branches were ready Khwaish joy became double,she wanted to keep it natural ,so no use of paints.But at the same time wanted to beautify this tree.

Tadaaaaa……comes my recycle treasure,these are all caps of sketch pen(discarded).I gave different colour caps to Khwaish ,she started her work,making cap balance on corner of branches ,added by little blue bird.




Last weekend I got some ribbons for crafty purpose which Khwaish is tempted to use.So here she goes  cutting,knotting and placing ribbon on a tree.



At the end of session this is the final look of our tree…since we have cut lots of ribbon and tied on the tree,it reminds me of wish tree culture which we follow in India,considered sacred .I guess our wish tree will fulfill our  wishes.


So what’s your wish from Khwaish wish tree?





  1. This is lovely!!! my son collects such things too.. our house is full of stones and shells and leaves and all other kinds of stuff! but while we have used them to make other things, especially when we decorate our house for navaratri, we havent tried making a tree with sticks! this is something we will surely try out this year!!

    1. Anuradha...Thanks for lovely words,i will look frwd for ur Navratri decoration at home.

  2. collecting twigs and branches is so therapeutic and fun, isn't it!
    Love her structure - cute and colourful!

    1. Thanks Rashmie for liking our work,very true its so much fun to create lives in nature's collection.

  3. How simple, quick and neat!!! I love the tree. In a consumer driven world, this post is surely a motivating one to help us inquire about how we can play, learn and have fun using simple things that we already have.

    1. Thanks Prabha for lovely comments,i agree dear and even making my best effort to let my kid know and explore best from nature and what we have,i guess ample opportunities are waiting to get explored.

  4. my wish for Khwaish is all her wishes come true and create a greener environment :-)

    1. Thanks Marila for stopping by and leaving comments.Don't know why ur name is coming as Shilpa here.

  5. hey i dont know why my name is coming shilpa.. thats me Marilla ;-)



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