Thursday, March 8, 2012

Revisiting old memory,adding some fresh ideas-Birdie got pond.


No doubt doing this project is like revisiting my old blog and adding little freshness to the same.Last month during one of vegetable shopping session Khwaish picked  up three potatoes(unusual shape) for her coloring session,she wanted to try duck coloring again,but I guess she had some memories of old session plus some added  fresh ideas in her mind.

These potatoes waited almost two weeks for their final touchup stage because Khwaish brought those potatoes,forget about same and even got out of my mind to try the same.So they waited in my kitchen silently for their turn to come .



I remember the day when we have done colour of nature –colouring flower garden project,current project was the extension session.

It was  started by khwaish ,giving bright yellow paint to her ducklings….Once ducklings were ready ,we gave them beak using pencil lead during the pencil shaving time which was used in  other project.Now little birdie wanted house and place to roam.



Then one more day was dedicated for making landscape for duck lings which was the result of the discussion with khwaish,she wanted to use blue colour for water .Once little pond was ready she started putting some brush imprints with white colour,on asking she confirmed same as fish in the pond.I ‘m overjoyed to see her imagination on canvas.




Once she was done with water part,next started using green.Quietly kept on watching her work,later she declared it as her house written H (learning phonics nowadays).



Later in the we coloured  sheet in full blue and set our three little ducklings floating over the little pond near Khwaish’s house-must say beautiful dream house.She wanted me to paint one house in black over her H….So here it goes.



Little closer picture of the same.



So its like revisit to my old blog adding up little more meaning to the same,this time its Khwaish idea and I’m here to present it.




  1. lovely idea to use potato! from the thumbnail pic, I was thinking they are clay

  2. Thanks Esther...Wow Making same with the clay is good idea too.



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