Friday, April 3, 2015

Sunny Afternoon of Holiday-Birding continues.

With Mercury rising outside ,summer is reaching its peak,afternoon for holiday Kids at my home becoming really boring.So to beat the heat and utilise time ,we are spending time in our balcony window to witness some fast moves of KITES flying near our apartment.

Black kite displaying wings proudly.


I must like to mentioned ,we stay at excellent place which is very much close to nature and full of green views of Silver-oaks and Eucalyptus trees all around the place(I’m no tree expert ,its just during Munnar visit our guide told us ).One such afternoon me and my small birders team ganged up to catch glimpse of “The great huge Black Kites”(must be two feet when u see it flying with those big wings) , i think that kites were all around the places that day because of fire was set to clear dry twigs and leaves to clear that area(don’t know what was need??).I think whole flock was disturbed and came out of their habitat to move to some safe place.

I could click some best and near shots of Black kites….Thanks to DSLR and some editing tools. This area is full of Black Kites and in fact people who are staying in Bangalore can see these kites very much visible when going via some flyover specially the famous E-city flyover,Khwaish is always counting and pin pointing kites sitting on big Towers or flying all over and little one repeating it!!.I have seen Brahminy Kites couple of times while passing through wet area(lake or pond),I wish someday i will post my own clicked picture of same.

 Got diverted from main topic,we were amazed to see number of kites residing near our apartment….I’m sure it will be more than 20+,huge raptures circling all around the place in scorching heat every afternoon,must be in search of food.When it is their rest time,clicking time for us…flying ones are difficult to capture!!


I feel each experience in introducing us to details of species and exploring new ones at the same time.



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