Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sunday Birding

We are very excited and enthusiastic about new hobby nowadays and leaving no chance to catch new birds anytime. Coming after awesome weekend, Sunday was our birding day and of course  special thanks to my husband’s football craze .We started from our place at 6.30 in the morning and saw beautiful orange bright ball of Sun rising …Khwaish took some beautiful click of the same.

Sunrise pic by Khwaish

Our lucky charm KINGFISHER made start of our day,looking from high  ….I was on cloud nine.Actually whole idea of going for morning green visit was birding which is best time to catch different species.Next on our way was Indian roller (blue bird) ,my joy doubled.


Clicked so many new birds and discovered their names later…It was basically day ruled by bee-eater and Drongo.

Indian roller

Crested  Serpent Eagle

Black Drongo

There was secret mission to catch the owlet at particular location,we saw three owlet sitting near a tree last week…unluckily my camera lense was giving me trouble ,so miss opportunity to click it.And this weekend no signs of those rare owlet which can be seen inside the city limits.

Anyhow i m really happy to catch quite number of species….Kids had great time,specially Awhile clicking those birds.

List of birds-

Kingfisher, Indian roller, Drongo,Shirke,Lapwing,Bushchat,green bee eater,Wagtail ,Egret ,Kite, Flycatcher.

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