Monday, September 5, 2011

Nature’s Creation-Rainbow.

Loved the Nature’s one of the best creation using bright shades of colours-The Rainbow.
One of the reasons we are enjoying the rains all these days is watching rainbow.I feel lucky to be staying in the place where we can watch open  clear sky ,lots of greenery around and of course clear views of rainbow.

Just a thought strike my mind to start craft work with Khwaish on rainbow .One day she started drawing her version of rainbow on her black board which is pretty impressive at her age without any support and guidance.


I have told her the concept behind the rainbow in simple terms with the help of colour experimentation.
We started the session with making our little rainbow with VIBGYOR colours,then sun effects and at the same time some rainy clouds on the bottom of picture…correlating everything to know the rainbow creation…at the end of session rewards points of three stars is her demand.


Recently Khwaish turned four,so after birthday celebration some of decoration paper available in different colours…so here we go to use the same.
DSCN2431 DSCN2432

I would rather tag this project as my rainbow project which we will do as continuation because some more rainbow in different ways are waiting to b explored.
It been said…Everyone sees different rainbow…we are making differentSmileShare your ideas for rainbow project.

Some rainbow facts for more information.

Cheers Ashu


  1. Rainbows are an all-time fav subject for art and exploration, aren't they?! And, as you said, there are so many ways to create them. So much fun! I love Khwaish's illustration :)

  2. Thanks Rashmie ...Enjoying rainbow from my place almost every alternate days.

    We will do this as continuation many more rainbow waiting to be explored.

  3. lovely rainbow by gappu:)param

  4. Thanks Param for dropping in and liking Khwaish's work.

  5. We Heart Rainbows and love the painting!

  6. What a great idea about rainbow painting. My little baby girl like different things to do and I think this will be enjoyable for me also when I'll see she is making this.

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