Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bringing colours to Feathers.


We have explore our love for birds through time to time by doing some activity or nature show case its own movie by displaying amazing experience ,one we had during witnessing nest formation.



And collecting knick knack's from nature is kind of hobby for us now ,like one people had of stamp and coin collection.We had whole collection of pigeon feather with us in different sizes,and the reasons behind the same lots of pigeon holes near to our place.




Khwaish been watching birds books since a  long time which she enjoys very much.So to bring the connection ,I thought let’s colour the feather according to our favourite colour birds and make these feathers full of life.




So one by one all feather are coloured and finally looking so vibrant in different colours.



The idea behind doing this activity was-

  • To relate different birds with different colour of feathers.
  • Since these feathers are really soft in touch,kids can feel and learn sensory skills…even khwaish gave these inputs.
  • Of  course bringing best from nothing.
  • Bringing your imagination to work.
  • Enjoying the paints.

So friends what are u making today with your collection?



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