Thursday, October 27, 2011

Recycle session-Circle Prints.


The month of October been hectic one ,reason being lots of festivals,shopping,home decoration and festive activity kept pace of blogging activity little slow.

With some time stolen from festive activity,one day we dedicate to recycling session which is always extra special time for us.





I had a my discarded sketch pen collection,wanted to extract maximum out of the same.We tried making some scribble out of the same,but I guess refill inside was all dry so sketch pen hardly pouring any colour out.

So we open the sketch pen from back lock,took out refill and time to play with colours.WOW!!! What a lovely colour mending machine we got.




One special observation from the session,when dropping  the colour drops on wet surface of chart paper,colour doing magical affect while spreading,Khwaish enjoyed the same and she was like’ ’Mamma Mera Dekho(Mamma See mine )!!





Once we were done with magical colour session,spread the same with painting brush.Now we want more,so we thought of using old sketch pen caps too.



Next was printing session,outcome was lovely….Khwaish made prints with almost all colour resulting in such a lovely printing material.I ‘m planning to make small notepad with same printed sheet.



That is why I say recycling session is always fun and creative too because not only used waste material but also session of observation,experimentation and blend of creativity.

How do find our recycling art session?Share your views.

P:S-Be ready for lot of mess in the same session.



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