Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Band first Music Jamming Session.

My home is full of art and music loving people.I myself found great love for art and craft related activity in past two years,my hubby Nitin found of music .The passion for music make him explore his love through singing karaoke of different singers.And the budding talent at my home Khwaish enjoys her each new activity with great enthusiasm and energy.
Recently went for weekend drive to a place called Chanapatna famous for wooden toy.We got wooden xylophone for Khwaish which looks like a bright rainbow,no doubts very eye-catching for kids.


And I have some other music roller coaster at home like drums,clarinet …Khwaish 's earlier music toys.So with hold of one instrument each , family ready for the jamming session.


Meet my band….

Presenting Khwaish on clarinet …..

And drums is taken care solely by my hubby Nitin….

Xylophone player kept  on changing….

Our motto to have the session was to just enjoy and have fun…No art lesson ,no basics,no making tunes,no notes to follow.Its just sheer enjoyment by our teamwork.
My band first jamming session videos….
Music Jamming of Khwaish-1
Music Jamming of Khwaish-2

So which instrument you are using to have jamming fun and who all are there in your band?


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