Thursday, October 13, 2011

Creating garden from PATCH WORK.

Khwaish  vacations were quite engaging time for both of us ,and good time to explore and make discovery in our craft work.I would like to share one of those session.
Khwaish is all loving cutting papers with help of scissor and pasting same on a notebooks,so I thought let’s explore more  out of it.I gave her different colour paper sheets to enjoy cutting, in fact she wanted me to try hand…so we both had nice paper cutting time with the help of zig-zag scissor.


Since enough paper in different colour cut into small pieces ,she wanted to use it somewhere.Then the pasting session for same started and she pasted different colour cuttings without any order or sequence and felt like created her garden with different shades of colour according to her own words-Great observation from flower visit .


Now flowery garden needs to be decorated little more,so put glitter glue on each flower…oh I mean on each patch.Then she closed the book and reopened again , found lovely glow on the garden.


We named our new discovery “Patch work”.Khwaish feeling really happy of her new discovery.

Planning to make some greeting using same technique called –Patch work.




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