Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dancing Letters.


When you have artistic child at home,anything can be given creative touch to the same.Nowadays  khwaish has developed her interest to write Capital letters in the notebooks and drawing sheets.

During her vacations one day during such letter writing I just wrote Big A on drawing sheet and gave eyes ,mouth ,nose,leg and hands to the letter,which is so sweet.So what are we waiting,our rest of letters waiting to get shape and different feature.




One by one Khwaish gave eyes,nose,mouth and even hair to all the  letters.No doubts making dancing alphabets is interesting activity.




I think doing this kind of activity is quite fun and learning for kinder garden kids-

  • Fun learning letters .
  • Giving imagination wings to artistic kids.
  • Creating interest for writing.
  • Learning body parts in living thing drawing.


I think learn to write for kids can be made more fun through different ways.Please share your ideas for the same.




  1. Very interesting, Ashu! I am sure Khwaish is thoroughly enjoying these especially given teh creative mind she has.
    I've recently discovered making carricatured alphabets help with Ari's reading :)!

  2. Thanks Rose for liking the same.

    Wow Carricatured ABC...surely lot of fun for Ari,do share same.



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