Sunday, October 30, 2011

Green Visit-Lotus Special .

With festive season of Diwali coming to end,our energy and enthusiasm dipping.But thanks to sporting and lively spirit of my hubby Nitin, we are ready with our latest green exploration.




In spite of being working day for Nitin,he made sure to fully utilize the morning of Sunday to the fullest. Since Saturday had been quite hectic day ,we were not expecting much of action on Sunday,but no I was wrong!!




With cloudy weather in Bangalore nowadays,Yes rains at this time of year!!Thank god could at least enjoy bursting cracker being damp weather,Ok leave that part,another big story.




We were ready with our Sunday green visit.Sometime back in August at the time of independence day wanted to show Khwaish Lotus flowers.But at that time not a single one I saw,and nowadays its like ponds full of that.Our main pick for visit was Lotus view.





First  was big pond which we decided to catch while return drive due to parking issue.So I had beautiful flower clicking session initially,then we went to farm land where artificial pond with good number of Lotus in it.My hubby is very impressed to see that circle shape of Lotus leaves,also reminds me of pics in kids story books frog hopping over the same.Luckily,farmer of that land gave us some lotus and leaves to Khwaish which made her very happy.



Then while coming we stopped near that pond full of Lotus flowers where village boys were catching fish with Sari.What a great experience!!These guys were taking fish of tadpole’s size into water bottle,got some fish from them.





Lovely visit with view of lots of lotus and real fishing experience.

Album of complete visit-Lotus Visit.

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  1. In which part of outer Bangalore - went to visit this place



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