Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nature’s Greetings for Festival.


Khwaish vacations is on and even bells is ringing for making preparations for festive season Deepawali.My list for things is ready cleaning,decoration and many more.To give festival season our newly developed artistic touch ,planned to make greetings of the seaons using nature’s beauty and at the same time great creative output from Khwaish in vacations time.

My whole idea of making these greetings is bring our love for nature into canvas and at the same time share it  with friends and world.To start the work we had list of raw material:

Raw Material-

  • White paper Chat paper.
  • Dry Leaves
  • Flower petals-in different colour.
  • Glitter glue
  • Some blocks for stamping.

Nature’s Series

First collection of greetings we have done as purely nature’s creation,using leaves and flowers petals .For Deepawali we have made Deeps using leaves and flowers petals-

These set of cards made by cutting leaves into half and making diya , making leaf as flame of diya.




Next one Nature’s series comes the greetings made with help of the flowers petals-


We have pasted flowers petals to make these cards,in second background is block made prints which we have done long back,reuse the same sheet.

Nature’s Series full collection-




Second set of cards is inspired from a blog of my friend-Mommy labs.These cards are made with the help of flowers printing in different colour.


This set of greetings is flowers prints ones.

DSCN3358 DSCN3359




 Abstract greetings and painted one-

And last but surely not the least ,we have done cards with some abstracts and just colour and bordering.



So our festive art work is all started ,how about you?

Khwaish had wonderful time making these cards with me,from pasting,cutting,colouring all kinds of fun she had and of course lesson to use nature’s product for making lovely cards.

For more action of making the cards,check out card gallery-greetings gallery


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