Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Number fun With Prints.



Khwaish enjoyed finger and hand printing very much,since the time she used to be only 18 months old.Now she is in learning stage going to Pre school, we came up with little idea to mix counting,prints and logic together to have some fun time .

First day of fun started as cutting work,we have got all numbers from old calendar and stick it to the chart .So first day it was just cutting and pasting numbers in order 1..2..3…4…till 20.




On the second day,we had real fun time session.Ok ,for this I told khwaish we  will prepare pattern of colour prints with mixing two colours prints,it feels like doing dance moment1..2..1….2..1…2. She took pink colour her favourite of course…and I got yellow.





She started with pink prints on Number 1….Then for two, Pink and then yellow my turn…for third pink..yellow…pink…and so on chain is formed and pattern is created to make her understand creating simple pattern….Its like finger dancing 1..2…1…2..she enjoyed.






For Second sheet we introduced two new colours ….and on third sheet she wanted to use brush prints…




So it was fun session by making our own sheets of counting….I m finding some more ways to counting as fun play with Khwaish because early learning for kids should be fun play not tedious boring routine work.



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