Sunday, November 20, 2011

Making our own story book.


Khwaish had a great time at school with ‘Fun week’ .Last Thursday she had movie day at school,went school in Jeans and T-shirt as a dress code.




After coming back from school,I had fun session,yes you reading it  right,I had fun session.She made me rabbit and herself become tortoise ,and together we played role play of the story.Initially ,she told me to walk   run fast,she herself being tortoise walk crawl  slowly.These are some moments from that story telling session.

Same day we read /play game of story telling which is gift from one of my ,in fact Khwaish’s friend….You have set of cards to tell the story book seeing the picture on cards.Its like two stories set of cards were there…I numbered the cards in the order of story flow.We had nice time playing it.



So next day when she went to school ,I made some cuttings  from old story books and magazine to create her our own story book with same idea.




Since Khwaish knows rabbit and tortoise race story well,I decided to create story book for the same.

Ok ,now on cutting I  numbered  the back of pictures in sequence of story…like below is page no.1…with happy jungle with all animals.Its just that rabbit start fighting with poor tortoise,and told tortoise you are very slow,I’m very fast….





The king of the Jungle Lion announced a race contest between rabbit and tortoise….



All animals watching….Race is on…



Fast Rabbit jumping and running fast…..Tortoise going slow.




Now after completing half way,rabbit is sleepy,thought getting some sleep…”Anyways tortoise is very slow’’ he said to himself.



But after sometime,when birds starts chirping rabbit realized,he slept little more….then he started running…by the time he reached the finish line…tortoise already won the race…going slow and steady.



From then onwards…rabbit never brag about himself…and they became friends.



So moral of story….Slow and steady wins the race.

Khwaish just loved whole session of making her own book….I suggested to name it as …



She felt extremely happy and showing same to her Father…and together they had reading session.



I also enjoyed the story book making session very much.I m just working on different ways to motivate Khwaish’s  love for books.



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