Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Printed Notepad.


The August is month in which Khwaish Birthday comes,and I am so glad that her grandparents makes sure to be with her on the same.My little daughter who turned four recently is always happy and excited to see her grandparents because of love and pampering she gets from them.

Khwaish  always look forward for art and craft making gifts which her Daadi(Grandmom) bring with her.My Mother in-law is trained instructor of Fevicryl Company ,done lots of colouring,crafting activity in different schools and at home which is now restricted to grandchildren's. I m always impressed to see their energy, lively spirits to bring and discover best out of Khwaish and life.

Ok,this time my Mom-in-law brought blocks used for printing on paper or fabric.We got one chain of leaves print block…..So all started.

Initially we started with making leafy border to chart paper,then gave little flowery corner to the same.



After completing the same pattern on four sheets,Khwaish wanted to use her roller printer(Fevicryl hobby ideas),so time to use the same.I guess kids will need help for that ,since you need to press it really hard to obtain the prints and need to pour colour in sponge first rather applying directly to roller,otherwise results are not satisfactory.





Once we were done with this ,Khwaish all set for her trial session to use other roller and blocks.




Well we tied all the printed sheets together and made our lovely notepad with the specially design cover and added some coloured sheets to the same.






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