Monday, November 14, 2011

Extension to Mint Farm.


I’m happy to write about our harvesting experience.Few months back during the Khwaish Dadaji(grandfather) visit,we jointly created a farm-A mint farm.Last weekend we went to our little farm and done harvesting of mint crop from same,I m really happy to see the smile and excitement on khwaish’s  face during cutting the mint leaves with the help of the scissors.



I ‘m glad that she could experience the process of farming through the little joint effort,special thanks to Dadaji too.In between she is showing me joy of seeing her mint leaves grown all over.

Well to continue our green project ,we had sown coriander this time….



One more addition we made to our farm is fence.We made fence with the help of the broken tiles….



I guess we will have to wait for couple of more months to reap coriander crop.

Overall this green project is giving us opportunity to bring ,little green ideas into reality.




Khwaish had conversation with her Dadaji regarding crop cutting,she happily told her grandpa about same ,I enjoyed same conversation and bonding always.



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