Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Farewell to Pyarelal.

Friends wanted to share very sadly that my pet Pyarelal is not with us now.We have sent dear Pyaru to its natural habitat ,a lake near to my place.




It was really hard decision for me and my Hubby Nitin to decide leaving pyarelal to new place.We kept the pet for Khwaish on seeing her love and affection for animal.

With no doubts attachment is just like a family member,celebrated his birthday (Happy B'day Pyarelal)being memorable experience .Thinking about initial activity of pyaru from bathing,giving food and strolling in the home makes me feel the absence of Pyarelal more.

From last one and month half month had seen uneasy and discomfort in the activity and behave of Pyaru inside the Aquarium which was disturbing to witness.Initially we thought may be due to growth in the size is giving trouble to enjoy the aquarium,so shifted him to big tub,but not much of the improvement.

At the same time when taking him out of water to stroll,things been better.Still bad thoughts coming in mind.In fact just three days before Diwali,he was lying upside down in the aquarium which was blow of the day,I was shocked called my Nitin from room,even he was clueless on same because never seen Pyaru in that state .Khwaish dropped some food in aquarium and still he was no moving .I came back to other room with shock on face’’O my God’’ and almost tears in my eyes….Khwaish asking me ‘’Mamma’’ what happen to  Pyaru , not having food,I was like he not hungry ‘beta’.But inside me its only me know what a bad thoughts roaming…..

But within 15 seconds hubby voice came’ ’He is moving….just Natak’’.

On that day itself ,I made up mind he wants freedom to be in his natural environment,so for our own happiness cannot trouble innocent tortoise and last Friday only dropped him to that lake.



He is gone,Happy Soul for his continuing journey.May God bless him.We will miss him.


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