Monday, May 7, 2012

Red robot-Recycling is so much fun and satisfaction!!


Summer vacation fun is going at the peak at my place.From some lazy morning to scheduled activity for the rest of the day,Khwaish is enjoying vacations to the fullest.She is planning her activity with me after ,night discussion before sleeping.Haah…. exhausting day for me.

Ok,friends I know you all will be busy with kids enjoying their vacations.

One day I did not have any full planned activity with me,so thought to try recycle magic.So here we go with the same.

Inputs Used-Got some spare box of soap,match stick, foil roll,spare button,juice box caps,sketch pen cap,safety pin,some foil paper,empty blade holder and some colours, glue.

First we have used the red color and coloured all the boxes in same colour.Once we got bright red color parts,time to put little magic on them.

  • On the head part pasted green colour juice box cap overlapped by white buttonas eye,nose of sketch pen cap,mouth of safety pin,ears are made from empty cap wrapped in almininimum foil.
  • On the body part some sequence work in line,spare button,blade holder.
  • hands made up of foil roll- again little color cap wrapped in foil paper adjusted in the hand.
  • Nothing much in leg-just colored glued together with rest of the part.

Its important to mention the details to know our robot well.This is total green product made from recycle product.



Well after long time made something with using all recycle material,it is really satisfying project specially way it has come out.



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