Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Homemade Clay and fun unlimited!!

Another one week of vacation is left,then time to rejoin school.Khwaish is not very excited to go back to school routine,that’s a quite normal story at my place.So our last week of  vacations fun continues for now.
 Ok,friends this is first time I’m  putting my blog on homemade clay,got some ideas from friends blog.For making homemade clay Mommy Labs have perfect recipe,although I  have some missing ingredients right now,not a problem its my first time.
Khwaish  filled with so much excitement on watching this homemade clay(on her special demand I have used green colour).She started having fun time with clay, making small balls which is her one of the favourite in clay activity,first attempt of experimentation on homemade clay.


Then we moved to try some more fun with clay,made big chaapati roll from clay dough and had fun of  roller printer on the same,lovely imprints made by Khwaish ,quite fun for kid(quite a motivated idea from mommy lab),once she was done on one side we flapped the chappti to other side to try the same.
 Then with box full recycled caps,she had fun of making circle imprints,using same for extended fun.


Once she was done with imprints making,she made her imaginary cake using all bottle caps as cherry on the cake,and feasted me.


Last but not least was dessert serving,I got my share of ice-cream!!

Khwaish had good time sensory play with homemade clay and added fun of using recycled  bottle caps as pretend to play cake and ice-cream fun.
What is your favourite play with kids in vacations?


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