Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Summer holiday-Making Finger puppet.


Holiday is giving us perfect opportunity to try the new craft activities.So this time while hunting for new activity we came across making of finger puppet quite known concept.

Although Khwaish seem to be  not interested while making the puppets,but she enjoyed little cutting and pasting part later once we started the process.She enjoyed placing all the creatures in line ,even enjoying putting them in her small fingers.


Making these bright coloured puppet is absolutely fun,kids get attracted with these bright colour creatures.So have fun with finger puppet-

  • Encouraging their motor development skill-cutting ,pasting and sticking the small parts.(please be around with kids to help while cutting,pasting and sticking,since parts are very small for kids to handle independently.)
  • Puppets can be used later for story telling process which is already in our list.Use different sounds modulation for story telling,kids will have feel of animal(add roar sound for Lion).
  • Puppets can be used to later to discover what they eat,where they live,will fun for kids to explore through play process.
  • Differciating them into bird and animal kingdom,you can make some more,and play the game of differciation.
  • Bright in colour-Can play colour recognition games with small kids.

There are numeral games you can play with kids using puppet ,I’m sure your kid will have fun while learning too.

So go and explore your own games with finger puppet.

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