Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gardening fun–Planting fun for Khwaish.


I wanted to this activity with Khwaish last month itself but busy schedule kept us waiting to start our planting activity little late.Yes friends today we had fun of gardening.Some days back I showed Khwaish plantation of an Aloe-Vera sapling in spare flower pot which she enjoyed very much and described it as really great.



It was in my mind to do at least one more gardening fun with her(we had one long back with her grandfather),so I thought let’s go for it.After having our lunch,Khwaish showed no sign of sleeping,so we went to little passage near our entrance door where I had couple of spare flower pots and plants.




Khwaish is enjoying her friend’s company in the morning which is in my apartment.While coming back from friend’s place ,we plucked some Basil seeds from plant today.

Now we are ready with some spare pots,seeds and Khurpi(hand hoe) for digging mud from flower pot.So first I started the job of digging mud,then after digging half the pot ,dropped the seed inside pot and later covered it with mud.Finally gave little water to the plant.I told Khwaish the basic idea,how that seed will turn into plant after few days and we need to water the plant everyday.Quite a interactive session with kid.

Now Khwaish was very excited to try her hands on planting the seeds.So here she goes……from digging the mud,dropping seeds and later watering the same.


She feel the sense of joy and proud after planting the seeds,and wanted to do some more.I want to  plant different variety of herb,so will bring some more from nursery to expand my garden with Khwaish.



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