Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rainy afternoon-Full package of enjoyment from making boat to rain showers.Reliving childhood.

I feel sometime kids are in full charge mood,mother don’t have any plans to keep their extra motivated energy engaged.At that time Nature giving full surprise package to enjoy their enthusiastic mood to the fullest.
Today afternoon after completing our gardening session,thought to catch one nap.But sudden windy noise and cool breeze made me realize that  it will be rainy afternoon,so I got up again to pick up my dry clothes from the  balcony.
I was in no mood to go to terrace to enjoy rain showers today,so decided to silently watch downpour from my balcony and dancing tree near by,imitating same with Khwaish by rolling our waist in circular motion.yeah I know sounds childish…but fun.

Well could not restrict myself for long,Khwaish  was too tempted to try rain showers plus she want me to make some boats to float same rain water at the terrace.So here I go making as many as boat she wants,plus two umbrellas.
So she had lots of fun dropping boats in rain water,playing with rain drops,after some time she left umbrella and freely enjoyed rain shower.
Rain fun
Enjoying rainy afternoon reminds me of childhood memories ,when I with my family used to enjoy the rainy season with freely ,just fun used to be motive.
Its like reliving childhood days again,becoming child with my kid.


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