Thursday, July 14, 2011

Masterpiece by Khwaish.

This project is really close to my heart…we never thought that it will turn out to be so great.

The seed for same project was sown by one of my multi-talented blogger friend Rashmie Jaaju who is great inspiration for me whom I met through online parenting site Parentree.She organized an event called Forest fiesta last month to celebrate the World Environment week. So while reading about the same on her blog I thought in my mind ‘I will surely participate in the same’.

Now thinking process started for the same, I thought make something which is meaningful and we can relate same with the theme ‘Forest’. So I and my daughter Khwaish took out treasure which includes all colors and craft material. Suddenly my eye got stuck on discarded sketch pens….i knew what I will do with this material.

So let’s get started…First we get started sticked the discarded sketch pens in line, then Khwaish pasted some coloured pastas on the board(painted long back),cloth holder in the shape of butterfly(green) and Sun (broken piece of toy)…so everything on the board.
Khwaish in all action.

Pasted all discarded sketch pens,pasta,sun and one cloth holder clip(green
and black) on chart.

Now time to start little coloring for the same…Ok u won’t believe me but yes to give sky blue color we took discard sketch refill and dipped it in water then started …we used some tempra paints to add little more brightness to sky. When khwaish holding brush and coloring ….u can always feel joy on her face.

Sky is all set..

Since tree/forest all about green color…we cut glace paper into different shapes and size .Made leaves with the same .We had one spare wild animal chart in our treasure so…cut out five animal lion,leopard,tiger,giraffe and bear and pasted same on the board.

Now to add more beauty to trees…put some fruits.

Dense forest with lots of wild animal,colourful butterflies.

Someday back I had night safari at my Kerala trip which gave me idea to segregate the painting into night and day view…in night view we had fireflies all over the sky.

Fireflies added to the canvas.

So here comes our masterpiece…I got it framed .


Friends my whole idea to write the details of craft was initiate and urges to recycle the things which we consider waste sometime. I guess we can teach our kids little bit about recycling the things…At least this can be little step to avoid deforestation.

Make the best out of waste!!



  1. WEll done Khwaish !! Art out of waste is something which every kid should be taught.

    A very good project of making the best use of waste n creating an awareness on environment simultaneously..... :)

  2. Yes Mickey we all should do our part to create little awareness to intiate the recycling.

  3. Good effort and great going in art. she will go in art world in future.

  4. Thanks Suman for stopping by and checking the blog .Let's see what is stored for khwaish....but no doubts she is in love with colouring and craft activity.

  5. Great efforts Khwaish and Ashu!
    Right use of waste and very good message for kids.

  6. Thanks Pritam.Engaging and teaching Khwaish to reuse things in craft...I guess we all can contribute our bit.

  7. This is beautiful!! She is really talented. Thanks for joining us at Wee Memories Challenge.

  8. masterpiece indeed! very talented!

  9. Thanks Giovana for ur lovely compliment.



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