Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Exploring one day from Nature's Eye.

Waking up my little sweetheart in the morning “Good Morning betu”.Time to wake up..
Another one….”Khwaish its afternoon we will go to play in the evening with friends”.
These are some of my lines to my daughter khwaish to tell her about the time of the day.
Nature has its own way to tell the time in the day…
So finally I thought let’s explore one day on the canvas in nature’s way with khwaish ,the different phase of one day Morning,afternoon,evening and night.
Well I showed her some pic in my nature's library folder and some clips from net to have little more idea on what we are doing. It becomes little easy to do task when u have some homework done.

Catch the glimpse of rising sun.

Evening view from my terrace.

Some faded pics of Moon.

This activity was more of fun and innovative since Khwaish got to make some new colours.We were out of orange colour stock so we made same by mixing  red and yellow plus we want little lighter shade of blue colour…so made it by mixing the same.

Sucessfully made orange and light blue shades.

Divided one piece of chart into four phase –coloured the sky at morning, afternoon, evening and night in different shades. Made small mountains and little tree next to same….added sun in different position which was very important…like morning it is rising. Night time can see stars and little trace of moon….May b its little cloudy night. Added little birds to make view more relatable.

Adding different shades to sky.

Morning sun is rising out of mountains...lots of birds about to start
their day.

          Evening view birds going back home.Night can see faded Moon .
May b its cloudy night.

So very proudly we present our little folding  hanging cards….with dawn to dusk.



  1. What a beautiful activity, Ashu. Taking inspiration for art from none other than nature means developing a bond with your environment and bringing peace and serenity to your heart.
    Khwaish's artwork is a masterpiece! Really!

  2. really very creative and beautifully thought!! it`s sharing your understanding and bond with the mother nature with your child..its amazing bonding time with her too..and i love the way you put it all up as a blog..gradually u can compile it into a book too!!

  3. Thanks Rashmie for dropping in and checking the blog.And very true r main teacher is nature...Learning lot more and exploring process on.

  4. Thanks Meera for enjoying the blog...its big compliment dear.You know what for long time i guess since one and half year back started all the activities ,compiled it in folder named art and craft ideas in my system...so time to pen down all.What say!!

  5. Nice Ashu!! On our recent beack trip, I made Ari wake up to see the sun-rise. Nothing can better than walking a child through the day with Suryoday ! You've taken it a step further to converting it into art.

  6. Thanks Monisha.We had absoulte perfect sunrise view from our balcony...sometimes get treat for eyes.



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