Sunday, July 10, 2011

Turning potato into lovely birdie.

It has been long time since we have done some experiments with our colour.My daughter Khwaish’s one of the love is crafting and coloring …other than Doreomon (cartoon character).

During the one of vegetable shopping my hubby saw one of potato with unusual shape and thought my little daughter will use it for crafting later. So we took that extra precious super shape potato and rest of vegetables with us.

Well this weekend in our activity time my daughter thought to try our hands on that potato.

We started with yellow color to create our little cute birdie…Khwaish all set with her colorings, did bright yellow on potato. Now time to give beak to little birdie..

Once we finished with coloring and beak …we gave our little birdie two eyes….
Friends here comes our bird…Duck.
So which bird you are making today!!!!


  1. lovely idea..the eye for a possible idea is the real begining point of creativity.. keep going!!

  2. Lovely art!! Do let me know when you all try out stamps from potato (cut outs). Will follow it with Ari....

  3. Monisha we have done lot of stamping work.Surely set my canvas again and will do potato month Khwaish grandparents coming will do it as group activity.



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