Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let your imagination flow with colour!!

I think whole idea started three and half years back when khwaish is born. When she reached the age of nine weeks…we decided to take her foot and hand imprints on her baby record book (precious and very close to my heart).

Hand and foot prints of little khwaish at ninth week.

So when khwaish turned two and half year and I discover her love for colour , started rolling with ideas to do some activity with thumb and hand prints.
We just started with hand prints in different colour; I guess good idea to just start the things.

Different colour hand prints..

First full-fledged and meaningful experiment with hands and thumb print was making a teacher’s day poster for playschool teacher at her playschool. Simple and sweet gift of love from little khwaish to her first teacher outside the home.

Teacher's day gift to preschool teacher.

So after successful first experiment we made angel in two shades…

Angel in two shades .

Some of our more work with hand and thumb prints includes fish and tortoise making ,Pyraelal’s (tortoise) house imprints with not to forget creating the base is also created.

Fish(small and Big) plus turtle.

Pyarelal's house.

This is just begin to your imagination you can make flower, horse, butterfly, tree with stem, greeting and lot more things with hand and thumb printing.

Simply hand print in different colour...good idea for card making,flowers with thumb printing,Khwaish enjoying printing,Sun and horse on left.

So what are u waiting, have simply great fun and experiments with little kids. I can give guarantee they will enjoy it.


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