Thursday, July 28, 2011

Season vegetable-Exploring the cauliflower and cucumber farm.

It all started with just having a view of that farm from far when we were coming back through this farm road, Khwaish caught some view of land which was in raw form and getting ready for some new crops of the season.


So we decided to catch the glimpse of this season crop on particular land.
After one month we went there again and astonished to see big leaf of a crop bloom like a flower and with easy guess we know this is cauliflower. At that time I told Khwaish that we will have to wait for some more days to see cauliflower from all these crop….But I tell you  kids are inquisitive.



We were little late to catch the action of cucumber plants since all cucumber already plucked from plants and filled into bags.


Above is cucumber plant…


Lima beans in dry form…clear view of beans.


One more attraction for the day was lima beans and cucumber.

I guess this particular of “Breathe the nature “ made us learned so many things-

  • How farmers make land prepare before placing seeds.
  • How cauliflower plant looks like in the initial stage of growth.
  • Recognizing the lima beans and cucumber plants.

My little khwaish plucked some beans and brought it along with her to home as rewards for her nature exploration.This project is very special,since after learning the driving its me and Khwaish  together first time for nature project,although miss husband company at the  same time.


Will update on more of green story in my next blog.




  1. Nice. We did a similar one (or several) & the peas were so much fun...I see that they were for Khwaish too!

  2. Thanks Rose...very true dear.Nature exploration is endless process and full of immense pleasure.I just loved ur farm dear!!



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