Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fun at Farm house.

I am someone who believes in experiencing something beyond the bookish knowlegde…I mean practical experience is more important when it comes to nature. For nature lover like my daughter Khwaish watching different animal in action is fun and fascination…She been watching different domestic animals in picture books since she was only 20 months old.

Now at her age to know more about animal, we make occasional visit to farm near to my place…believe me its absolute fun for kids to see these animals and birds plus learning same time. So when she reaches two and half year we planned a farm trip.
Idea Behind going to this excursion:
1.       These activity let’s kids to explore animal and bird kingdom. I guess for kid of 2+ recognizing the animal with name will be great achievement.
2.       They can make out /see what they eat.
3.       Will see what their offspring look like lamb,kitten,e.t.c
4.       Later u can tell those sounds these animal make…Meow, Bah bah.
5.       Will learn where they live and what their shelter look like…
  Bonding becomes really strong ….very important.

       During one of such visit to farm…We explore lots of Emu, rabbits, sheep, cow, hen, cat, dog etc.

 While roaming in the farm we got knows that whole flock of Emus following us, they were really n number of Emus.Khwaish got to know Emus baby is called Chick…lots of Emus chicks. I was fortunate to hold one of Emus Egg which is 650 grams in weight and cost around Rs.2500-3000 which vet nary doctor of farm told me.

Then second comes Rabbit..Khwaish had gala time with them. I remember at her first playschool she had two rabbits for whom she even used to carry carrot everyday…So that love still continues. She had great time feeding the rabbits. We got to see different colours of rabbits white, grey, black and some mixed colour…they babies were very cute.

Friends next on our list was Sheep…Yes still that Bah sounds take me back to farm and still play with khwaish our sheep game where she is little lamb and I’m Momma sheep...Ha ha .My Hubby got chance to hold one lamb. Interesting fact I noticed there was some of sheep’s were insured, they had some button kind of thing pierce in their ear. Got two lamb in action like a little kids…amazed.

I guess blog on farm can’t be complete without mentioning the Cow…Since long back khwaish’s school organized one event called Milk product Day, she knows lot more about cow. She is telling me’ ’Mamma cow gives us milk and we get strong after drinking milk’ ’I think khwaish is right.

So this Farm Day excursion trip was awesome and learning for the family, most important Khwaish had wonderful time.
     Now this is time for u all to explore beyond the books. I say….Go for it.Enjoy!!!



  1. What an amazing place this is! Where is it exactly, Ashu and what's the name? Is it a private farm?

  2. Rashmie this is farm for commercialised purpose.They have put board otside as Emu,sheep and rabbit for sale.Since we r on explore trip near to my place on idle weekend...saw this board and hop inside.Enjoyed same throughly...its just half kilometer from my place.

  3. Ashu good one dear........ and this is the first time i see black rabit......... thanks buddy.....and good luck for ur next blog........

  4. Ashu good one dear........ and this is the first time i see black rabit......... thanks buddy.....and good luck for ur next blog........

  5. Thanks Hema for dropping and checking the blog.There lots of black and multi colour rabbits and cute rabbits baby...Thanks for ur appreciation.

  6. Very nice Ashu! LOvely the way you presented it! Emu, rabbit ans kiddo is watching them again and again!!

  7. Thanks Pritam..We have spread word for same and my friends also enjoying along with their kids.

  8. Such a lovely post!
    Thank you for letting your beautiful girl interact with animals and nature.

    Lovely greetings, Angelique and the WorldAnimalDay organisation



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