Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to Pyarelal !!

Our Little Turtle''Pyarelal''

It was time in the year to celebrate our bonding with our little turtle whom we named ‘Pyarelal’(adorable).Firstly reason for adoption of pet was khwaish’s love for animal and for long time she wanted to have pet.

Pyraelal ready for the celebration.

Well had wonderful year of bonding and Today Pyarelal is one year old…khwaish developed such a lovely bond with pyaru(we fondly call him)…she used to give her food every day, bath, talk to him, run after him(it’s been said tortoise walk very slow. Believe me pyaru is quite fast;)winks)…So khwaish had wonderful friend at home. I cherish to see her bonding with Pyaru.

To make the day special and memorable we plan little get together for khwaish’s friends where they can have some fun and activity at the same time. So I planned all the things and invited her friends.

Well we started the party with little dedication to pyarelal by showing the movie our one year journey with our little turtle….still those slides of movie take u back to the time.

Pyarelal Movie.

After enjoying the movie ‘Pyarelal’ I had some more activity stored in my pocket. I had in my mind to make card or scrap for pyarelal on the special day, I started same with taking Pyaru imprint on chart paper…then one by one too colorful handprints of all kids.

                                          Hand prints of all kids and Pyare..

Meanwhile kept prints for drying up…main attraction of birthday party ‘’yes’’ Cake cutting. With  circle of all friends around the cake and with Pyraelal presence blew the candle and cut the cake. All kids had fun blowing one candle each…..followed by snacks for kids and mummies.

Little dancing session for kids. Now time for little messages from all Mummies next to handprints of their kids ….and we are ready with Pyarelal Birthday card.

 All Mummies in action...writing some messages for Pyarelal.

“Happy Birthday Pyarelal, May gods bless u and many more year of togetherness”.

We have made our little effort to bond with the nature by taking care of ‘Pyarelal’.

Looking forward to know your pet story and experience.Do share.



  1. What a celebration for dear Pyarelal !!
    Commenadable !!!

    Pyaru is blessed to have u all :))

  2. wow.. really nice to see the birthday celebration.. pyarelal is a name that suits him.. he is really pyaru :-) and so is the family whom he is with ;-).. marilla

  3. Thanks Mickey...Pyaru is celebration is must toh banta hai...

    Marila Thanks for checking out the blog and dropping lovely comments.

    Thanks Shivika.

  4. Cute! What a lovely way to channel the concept of having a 'pet'. You've very smoothly replaced the concept of celebrating a doll's b'day /wedding etc with that of a real pet's. Commend the train of thought, Ashu!

  5. Thanks Rose..I was thinking from long back to celebrate the special day and dedicate it to 'Pyarelal'I m really happy things turned out to be wonderful.

  6. Touches me how you all are involved in taking care and love for an animal.
    Thanks for showing this to the world,
    Love Angelique



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