Friday, September 30, 2011

Fun time–TATTOO for kids.


First day of Khwaish Vacations,time to unwrap activity session.

I had fun activity for Khwaish, Since i have noticed her new developed interest in Tattoo.She went to her field trip and came up with really lovely Tattoo of flower which she showed me with lot of excitement in her eyes,although in the morning she showed with her displeasure of going school.I knew it will be fun day for her ,so convinced her with lots of tricks….I m happy that she enjoyed her day.


Yes friends …First fun activity we choose for vacation fun was TATTOO.

Started things with drawing flower picture on Khwaish’s  hand with the sketch pen…




Then I gave her option to choose colour of the flower she wants….She choose the colour ,I painted it.I have used Fevicryl water colours.




She seems to be enjoying it and demanded me another one on left hand too.So I here I go with making little butterfly.




Now she wanted to give a try to the same…I told her to use paper to do trial,but she insistently wanted to do my hand.Without making her upset,sportingly I offered my hand for TATTOO…work was in progress,call came on my cell and I got little distracted.By the time I finished my call , I had ‘Oh my GOD’ expression on my face.Here comes the sample of same….kids you know.




TATTOO activity was fun at home with kid…

  • Give wings to their imagination.
  • Let them explore the magic of colour play.
  • Fun…


Enjoy!! And Show off your Tattoos magic with kids.



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