Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cauliflower story–last part.

One of the farm story which is close to khwaish’s heart is Cauliflower action story and reason behind the same is we followed it from start to end. We been following the growth of the plant from the time land was getting ready for seeds to be sown to few leafy petals started coming to total cauliflower emerging out of petals of vegetable which was marvelous sight.


 Our regular visit once in ten days made it possible to catch the story.
To catch first part of same story visit-

So time to recall the whole process-
Initially it just started with sowing the seeds on vast open land…

Then big flowery leaves started coming, I find my little girl very curious at that time to witness cauliflower ….but still two more weeks of wait.
After two weeks when she saw cauliflower, her joyfulness sees no boundaries ,She almost jumping to express her achievement to see cauliflower .I will accept ,even little kid in me felt so excited on seeing my journey reaching the destination after almost a month.

Hoping to catch some more farm story near to my place…It was amazing experience altogether.

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