Thursday, September 8, 2011

Paper Folding Craft-Origami

I remember in my childhood days we used to make paper boats in rainy season ,paper airplanes with folding papers.At that time never knew that there is craft activity which is known is Origami.
Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding to create interesting objects of different shapes.Its is fun and entertainment  for kids to do same to create endless objects with just folding a piece of paper.So to try our hands on same activity I bought a Navneet Publication book named ‘My Book Of PAPER FOLDING’.All the basics knowledge to do origami is mentioned  in the book which makes amateur like us job quite easy to do activity with ease and comfort.
Khwaish is always very excited to try something new and this time its making
something with these colourful papers.


We started the activity with green paper and our first creation was a Swan.

Next was ‘Meow’ …yes u heard it right!! Its twin colour kitty Cat of Khwaish…..
Some more are Twin house,Puppet and Purse.


Khwaish’s Favorite picks is Purse which she even made for her friends and Puppet which she used to bite my nose quite visible from above picture.
Well giving steps wise idea for making Cat and Purse….


Planning to buy some origami books and give it more try with Khwaish.Its pure fun.
Here mentioning some sites where you can check more activity on Origami.


  1. Ashu just the other day we were doing craft activity at home, we made swan, aeroplane boat, purse, butterfly, frog n lotus. Kids had so much fun. Ashu, since khwaish loves drawing, you can take this session one step forward, by sticking the swan/cat on a drawing sheet and then asking khwaish to create a scenic view around it using her imagination. Once that's done she can color the same. Param

  2. Yes Param thanks for suggestion...Indeed this is good idea...she is loves to draw free hand drwing all these days,giving some additional tools like this will be helping.Thanks.



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