Monday, September 26, 2011

Clay Magic-Rainbow fun.

Clay Magic was fun for Khwaish from the time she reached age of 18 months.Her first play fun was one I got from friend which was homemade ,to be on safer side since at that age kids often put things in mouth.OK,that’s quite old story from my side…new for this month is Rainbow magic .
So with this blog mixing my old memories and some new thought of clay magic and rainbow fun.Last week we went for some books shopping at ‘Sapna book house ‘ for some purchase of gift for a friend’s kid b’day and pick new set of clay box from there.
Its always fun to open box of anything which is close to you,I guess some special feelings are attached to same,is it really?Well with bright lovely clay we started making long snakes in different colour,its so much fun for kids to do that…even I enjoyed .

Once we were done with different colours snakes ,time to arrange them as beautiful RAINBOW…

Khwaish desperately wanted to use other tools first was Knife.

So more refined Rainbow available…

Now next was using our old extruder to create some more fantastic view.

Look at the lovely view we created together…
To sum up above creation…scenic mountains,drizzling clouds,tress with full of fruits,down black oceans,sun and of course Rainbow.
So session was pure fun and entertainment for Khwaish and me ,yet another way to explore rainbow magic.

To end up the session we made a Octopus and flat chappatis of differnt colours...


Share your ideas to make more rainbow.

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