Monday, September 26, 2011

Masti with home made colour.

Hunger for exploring rainbow theme is on for all this month.With successful experiments on the topic our motivation is on high with lovely appreciations from facebook and blogger friends.
Well to continue the exploration and hunt for some more rainbow themes,we made homemade VIBGYOR  with mixing colour with Maida(flour) and recipe for same is hunted from blog Mum Paints Lives.
And with this no craft no colour ,just fun was our motto.Khwaish was very enthusiastic to make the colour  but at the same time I only know how much mess created in my Kitchen slab.Without worrying about whole mess we were back to our canvas….
Since we enjoying rainbow theme,started the things with Violet colour.From incomplete circle to tits and bits of colour everywhere on Chart…Next indigo was looked like cloudy spots on with violet …Khwaish Squeeze till last drop of the same…Blue was again fun ….Green she could not resist herself and included hand for colouring… …Red.


This is exact view of white chart paper after colour drenched…..Each time we were using the colour writing the starting letter with the same colour to make VIBGYOR note on the top.


This was not enough,She made butterfly imprints,trains tracks and just finger play on colour gave her immense pleasure.Although this is unplanned activity but amount of satisfaction Khwaish got by same is complete.


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