Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Farm Fun Unlimited.

Farm visit is one of our favorite activity on weekend as a family outing.As I mentioned in one of my old blog( Fun at farm house)…there is one farm close to my place.Time to hop in again!!!

Initially outing started with quest for having pictures and tour for greenhouse visit which was closed on that day.My daughter Khwaish had great fun touching the leaves of ‘Touch Me Not’ Plant’ fondly known as chui mui(छुई-मुई) in Hindi.…she kept on touching the leaves and with curiosity seeing the reaction how leaves close up when touched,usually reopens in a minutes.At the same time bird sitting quite near was one of fascinating view to watch,luckily got picture also before it just got disappeared .

Next we move to animal farm near to our place full of lots of plants from banana,pomegranate,guava,different flowers,leafy vegetables and different flowers.
This time we focused on sheep,lamb and flowers.
Well my hubby Nitin got caught of  one lamb  ,and Khwaish got really excited to see the same she pampered the lamb ,even she wanted to bring one home..not possible my little angel was difficult to make her understand.I took some of sheep's pictures who are insured had a button pierced in ears.This time we got to know how people at farm cut jawra plants and make fodder for animals.Ahh forget to mentioned about new born lamb still regaining her whole energy to stand on her feet.Lot of Mah Mah action….
Then next comes some flower photography clicks of some yellow,blue and red flowers.

Overall this whole green visit was awesome and since we have gone to animal farm also,so Khwaish considered it to be complete visit.
For more pictures  and total action can visit-



  1. Ashu,just happened to read about this farm in blr . Seems like a good place..check this link out.http://sanctuarry.blog.com/about/ param.

  2. Thanks Param for sharing the link.The place looks absoultely of our interest surely plan visit.



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