Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Making a Sea View.

Sometimes back last year Khwaish and me made a aquarium from the idea from one of friend’s blog.It is was really great creative work with bright colours used for the same and even made Pyraelal sit on the same aquarium to know his friends well.


And now to re experience whole concept again ,I bought a book recently ‘In the Big Blue Sea’ for Khwaish with lots of bright pictures and sea animal of course.The first step was to read the book and have journey of sea with host fish ‘Nemo’…Khwaish enjoyed it so much that first time itself,she made me read thrice.I guess worth it!!
And this book contains number of activity at the end of it,with lot of sticker pasting work which is Khwaish favorite.

Once we were done with book,next day which was weekend luckily due to having ample amount of time and not worrying for morning hush and rush…we got up little late than usual wake up time and after some basic chores ,started our session .
So today we want to explore the same book with colour and craft magic.
Here we started rolling with blue colour to create the sea view.Once the sea tank is ready ,time to make sea creatures by rough drawing of same,colouring ,cutting and pasting same.
I very proudly present Khwaish’s work and feels good the way she has done activity almost independently. So here comes our sea view.

This is session is important -
  • Khwaish enjoyed book and at the same time get to know about sea world more.
  • She has done this work independently to the extent, she has sone couple of rough sketch,cutting,colouring and pasting work….I m seeing my kid growing with what she loves.
  • Cultivating book love in her.

  Link to watch whole session-

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