Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ganesha Utsav at home.

This is time every year when things become so special ,as this the period when one by one all festival starts.It starts with Rakhsha bandhan ,Independence day,Khwaish’s B’day , Ganesha festival and so on.


This is  the third year of bringing Ganesha idol to the home and we welcome Ganpati Bappa with delight and happiness.So shopping time and lots preparation session before a day of Ganpati utsav.
Although this time some family health issues were there,but I made my best not to make same as excuse to do any little this year.We started our Utsav shopping with idol of Ganapti and in the same market we got lovely colourful flowers to add to the beauty of decoration.Next we searched and got some decorative and rest of puja items,at home made special lighting arrangement to make glittering effect to whole view.
Every year we follow a procedure to do puja in a systematic manner(Pooja vidhi) and for same always keep each and every items ready in presentable thali.


Once Ganpati stapana is done,time to pamper Ganpati bapaa every day with feast and doing aarti in the morning and evening.


Khwaish is four now and overjoyed to see Ganpati presence at home.Every evening she making sure of everyone attendance on Aarti.she considered Bappa as a part of family.Whenever you tell her Ganpati Bappa …she calls back with “morya’…Urcha varshi(which next year )…reply is lokariyann(come again).


We are delighted with Ganpati idol presence for three days and departure was pretty difficult for Khwaish,initially she was not ready to for the visrajan,on the promise that next year Ganesha Bhagwan will come again somehow convinced .

Ganpati Bappa Morya!!Smile
May Ganpati Bappa bless us .

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